augmented Reality Applications

AR Catalogs


You can make your content live when someone point their device at your brochure

It has great application for people participating in exhibitions or

Selling their goods/services through catalogues

AR on Wearables


 Wearables are a great tool to deliver personalized AR content on-site.

The user just has to gaze at the trigger and the content is fired in AIR

The experience is amazing

AR Photo Apps


AR Selfies are great engagement tools

You can scale and PAN objects with whom you want to click selfies

Available on Windows,Android,iOS

One can take stills and create small videos

GeoSensitive AR


 The GeoSensitive AR App GeoAR+ triggers content in response to Geo Co-ordinates

This is a great app for Games like Treasure Hunts and navigation



A 3D model pops on exposing the marker to the camera

A good engagement tool for events and activations

AR For BIM Applications



Building Information Modelling is reaping benefits of AR immensely

AR has a great application in BIM industry.There is no need to carry all the BIM sheets.One just needs to load the BIM AR App.

You can open BIM sheets when you want

You can open BIM Models and can scale them and rotate them to fit them to real environment

You can just point your device on BIM sheets and the Model POP on top of the sheet