About Us




EqualTech was incorporated in 2012 as an offshoot to Digital Division of FireArc Communications to have a focused Software and Technology Development Environment.

The first product to be developed by Equaltech was Facebook Photobooth and rendered services in Technology based solutions in Customer Engagement Domain . Equaltech was first among the pioneers to use RFID and IOT technologies along with other Electronics marvels to deliver solutions to our clients.

We have currently a lot of focus on immersive Technologies like Experiential Commerce, Augmented Reality, Gamified Learning content ,Interactive 3Ds etc along with regular engagement toolsional software for each of our clients.


Manav Shrivastav


 A Techno-Commercial professional with 18 years of Rich industry experience in Technology, IT Sales, Marketing, Retail and Design Companies. Also serves as director of FireArc Communications Pvt Ltd, a Retail, Hospitality and Digital Agency.He loves Photography,Sports, Music and is a keen reader and Traveller. Manav dons the hat of the Sales guy in the system.  

Saurabh Singhal


 Computer Engineering Graduate with over 20 Years of experience serves as a mentor to the young team at Equaltech. An IOT and Electronics champion has a tremendous love for gadgets and technology.When he is not working we spot him as a Chef and a Vagabond traveller. Saurabh shoulders the responsibility of Product Development and Operations at Equaltech.  

Rajnish Kumar


 Rajnish has over 10 years of programming experience in Gaming and Application Development Industry. He is a very passionate programmer and eats and breathes technologies like Unity, C#.Net, JavaScript, Action script.He loves movies and keeps himself abreast with what is happening around by hyper following of news pieces. 

Diwakar Mishra


  Diwakar has 12 years of Experience in Web Technologies and is one of the best in business. He is a champion of PHP and manage cloud Services with the back of his hand. He goes home to Web with Cloud services.  

Gaurav Shrivastava


  With 20 years of industry experience, he is the Goto man for all finance and admin related stuff. He keeps the organization running and is the Chief Peoples Officer.  

Shruti Tewari


Techno-commercial background with degrees in Sciences and Management. Shruti has 18 years of experience in Web Application Development and Content Development. She co-founded travel portal Silvercross.in and e-learning portal Easygyan. She loves reading, Travelling and social Work.She also handles finance