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Teleport 3D


 Teleport 3D is a new age Experiential Sales and CRM tool to make an interactive Sales Pitch. 

It uses Video Chat, 3D Models, Augmented Reality Simulations and Media Libraries etc. 

2D/3D Games


 We specialize in Audience Engagement Technology in various Marketing Campaigns. Our engagement activities for Events include IOT, Games, Immersive Technologies like AR/VR and 3D Technologies 

Augmented Reality


 We create business ready Augmented Reality Apps for Mobiles and Wearable devices like BT 200 and Hololens. We also do AR for BIM industry, Geosensitive AR Apps, AR brochures, AR pop-ups and AR Selfie Apps 

Interactive 3D


Content if not interactive is dead.We make interactive 3D content which helps a customer to explore and know the product to make a well informed decision 

Tech & IOT Engagements


 Sensors excite us and we create a lot of engagement applications using sensors like Pressure Sensors, IR Sensors, electronic and mechanical switches, micro controllers etc 

Digital Catalogs


 We make cloud based catalogues for various product categories.These catalogues can be used in-store and on mobiles 


About Equaltech

EqualTech Snippet

EqualTech was incorporated in 2012 as an offshoot to Digital Division of FireArc Communications to have a focused Software and Technology Development Environment.

The first product to be developed by Equaltech was Facebook Photobooth and rendered services in Technology based solutions in Customer Engagement Domain . Equaltech was first among the pioneers to use RFID and IOT technologies along with other Electronics marvels to deliver solutions to our clients.

We have currently a lot of focus on immersive Technologies like Experiential Commerce, Augmented Reality, Gamified Learning content ,Interactive 3Ds etc along with regular engagement tools

Our Experiential Commerce product called Teleport 3D, enables companies to sell their products in an interactive manner through their websites or during physical pitch meetings, Exhbitions etc

Teleport3D  platform can be used for creating real business applications in Augmented Reality and CAVE VR.

We are the leading RFID and IOT solution provider and agency in Delhi NCR

We are also leading 2D, 3D Game Developers in Delhi NCR region

We as Augmented Reality App developers in Delhi NCR provide Business ready applications to be used in Marketing, Eductaion, Training ,Retail etc